Friday, September 14, 2007

September 14

We were invited to our friends' (Julie, Damek, and Kyan) home for a while today, and we were glad to spend time with them. These babes are about four months apart, and have very similar interests. Then we were off to you-know-where!
This is dh's favorite part, there are Jurassic brown trout in this pond and stream, and they all love feeding the fish. Trev was cussing out (the way a six year old is wont to do) the ducks for eating his offerings.

Maddie thought she'd show off her exceptional skills today and give her daddy a heart-attack.
We stayed almost til they closed, and we had our fill, I am happy to say.

Then it was up the canyon again to the lake, and again we had all that lovely sand to ourselves.
We had dinner that Eric cooked for us over the grill, then we decided that Eric should get to fish off the rocky shore (not the sandy friendly one) so we headed across the inlet for that, and though they did not catch any fish today, we were lucky enough to see a Great Horned Owl, just waking up and swooping away in search of a little smackerel of something.
A fine day!

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  1. You know how I love baby feet.....and those baby feet on the beach, well I call those......EXQUISITE!!! So beautiful.


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