Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 12

Another very full day.
First things first.
Trev was looking for someone to play dinosaurs with him, and wanted me to come see his velociraptor who had caught and was eating a lizard. And wanted a picture of him. So he is included in our post today.

Next most important thing was cleaning out Harold's home. I haven't mentioned it, but our beloved Herman died.
We were heartbroken, of course. He was out of his shell, and we hurried to find him another (he was already in the largest one the pet store carried), but maybe the humidity was off, or maybe it got too cold, but he perished while n_____, and we are very sad. It's been about two weeks, probably.
I learned that it's really common for hermit crabs to die a couple of months after bringing them home - they die often from shock.
I also learned (much to my dismay) that hermit crabs are not bred in captivity, that all the darlings are caught while foraging in their beautiful tropical island home (Jamaica) and then distributed to pet stores, just as if we have that right.
Which is exactly why we have no animals in cages in this house (pre Herman and Harold) but there you have it.
I honestly try not to have judgments about it, but.....
Anyway... we put in new substrate (I remembered the word this time) and sand, and gave Harold a clean and comfortable environment today.
We had big shiny plans to go to the skating rink today.
The particular one that we really like is several miles south of here, and has bouncy things and lots of dime (for the youngest) video games.
But first! Aaah, and what a but it is.... we headed to the bank and then to the Granite School District Main Office to turn in our notarized affidavit saying "Our child Trevelyn Hxxxx will be home educated (not homeschooled, mind you) during the 2007-2008 school year and will receive his education (again, not schooling) as required by Utah Code 53A-11-102(2)(b)."
I am happy to say that it has been stamped and signed by the Powers That Be, and we are legal.
Then we headed off to Classic.

In pursuit of 103 Things, #....26... there is a nature park that I've been wanting to check out that is relatively close to our home.
So we went there on the way home from skating.
Guess what? It's my new favorite park! I loved it!
A playground for the children, and a wooded grotto for Mama. Honestly, I expected woodsprites and hobbits to come poking out and peering at us from all angles. It was so lovely!

Aside from that, there was a clock on the playground equipment for Trev to demonstrate 6:00, which was my estimate on the current time.One more stop, to Petco, to get Harold a heater for his aquarium, as it's getting cooler - and we are now finally home to jump on the trampoline - just as if we have been slugabeds today, and to have dinner.
I think we're on for Young Frankenstein in a few minutes...


  1. Congrats on the signed and sealed affidavit of FREEDOM!! Isn't it great to be unchained from the powers that be?

  2. Oh, yes.
    Freedom is like breath around here.


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