Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10

Today we were off to our neighborhood library! (it's been a while.)
Since we we rode the bike and trailer, we were parked at the bike rack - which is always great fun for climbing and balancing on. When we finally decided to go home, I looked up, and ooooh! there is our favorite pizza place. I have money in my wallet. Don't know what's for supper. It's right here..... "Hungry, children?... Want pizza?" Most folks 'round here know Wasatch Pizza is the best.....

So we read a couple of books while waiting for our pie, and Trev made up a couple of stories while looking through library books.... (it's lemonade, just so you know.)
We eventually arrived back home with our loot. (Let me just tell you how heavy that trailer was hauling the children and another 50lbs of books up that hill. It was a near thing there for a while. Or maybe it was that grand pie that was so heavy.)

Trev chose lots of treasures - we got a book on volcanoes, and one on early humans, and several on Egypt, mummies, dinosaurs, and prehistoric animals.

Now Daddy is back from fishing, and we have a whole week to be together - today was fishing day, and now we have seven glorious days of vacation - seven days full of jumping and bike rides and snuggling and stories and exploring and laughing and loving.

Lucky us!


  1. Library day! That's a nice stack of books! I can't imagine biking two kids and that stack home, though!

    Once I had a librarian tell me I should limit my kids to 5 books each. ??? What kind of librarian is that?!

  2. I absolutely love that last picture! Sounds like a fun day!

  3. Childsplay - I'm with you! What?!?

    Julie - me, too.


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