Friday, September 21, 2007

Peaceful Moment

She wasn't in danger.
Just took out the plug, and let the warm water run over her.


  1. You don't need to publish this comment if you don't want to. But I need (for selfish reasons) an explanation to go with this picture. It is so unsettling to me. Remember my friend Audrey from high school? Well, her baby drowned (later revived) in the tub and I am so peranoid about this sort of thing now. It will haunt me in my sleep, seriously!
    Ask my kids....I don't let them alone in there until they are ten! Exagerating, but not much.

  2. It certainly was not my intent to disturb anyone!

    My children love baths - but they want the water ran the whole time.
    So I always turn on the water really low (lower than the kitchen sink's flow), so they can play in the water. I always stay close by, so I can make sure that the water doesn't get turned up more accidently, and can hear the general goings on.
    Maddie wanted a bath at about noon, yesterday - I had no idea she was sleepy, if she naps at all it's about four or so. (I would not have chosen a nap during a bath, certainly!!!)
    The water had only been on for about a minute and a half or so, and I could hear her very well, I was in the kitchen.
    I went in there, she had taken out the plug - as she always does (so her bath can last longer), grabbed a washcloth, layed her head on it, and let the warm water run over her.
    She was not in any danger, I was very nearby, and I could hear that she was quiet.
    She just knows what she's about, and wanted to lie down with the warm water moving over her.
    Again, I'm sorry your are disturbed, I only included it because it's such a Maddie thing to do.

  3. Smart girl...she must realize that this kind of treatment costs $100 at a spa!

  4. ALL this comes down to is responsibility! you wereright there with the kids, being responsible!


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