Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Tales

Maddie's been so into pretending lately. When Trev wants to play Homeward Bound, she jumps right in and addresses me as Sassy.

Also, just a couple of days ago she became interested in her babies. Dolls, animals, all of them. Never mind that they're usually just dumped in a heap on the front porch - there are plenty of blankets to keep them warm. It totally still counts.

When Trev is playing on top of the truck she drags this little chair outside, and plants it next to the tire. She climbs up the chair, onto the tire, and from there up unto the hood, then to the top.

Just today:

"Mom! My movie is in Spanish!"
"Oh. You're not learning Spanish, today?"
"Well... it's just that it was an Unexpected Arrival!"

"Madeleine. Wanna watch Caroon Network?"
"No! Watch Me-a-Pooh."
"Madeleine. Wanna watch Prehistoric Park?"
"No! Watch Me-a-Pooh."
He laughed. "Okay, I copy that, Madeleine."

"Why you Tums, Dad?"
(amazingly, guess it's time to add her to the five w's. Her very first "why?")

Maddie's on her fifth bowl of chicken noodle soup.
Mama's typetypetyping like mad to get the calendars done.
"This one's my soup, Mom?"
"Sssh, hang on (memorize, copy, is that planetarium show time the same after the 5th?)...."
"Is this MY SOUP, Mom?"
"Sssh! Hang on..."
"Sheesh! Yes, have it."
"O-kay!" (as if to say "finally!") "Uhn take it in the livingroom?" all sweetness once again.
Mutter, mutter... what's this?... "Fine."
"All right," in a Snow White sort of sing-song way. Toddle, toddle, toddle.

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