Monday, September 24, 2007


Let's see...
Yesterday we were supposed to take the babes to the fairgrounds to the reptile expo.
Then it turned into "Um, Eric.... why don't you take them?"
Then it turned into "Trev, do you want to go? Cause if you do, then we need to get ready and go. ?"
And Trev said, "Well, not really."
So the mama didn't get that time, after all!

It rained yesterday - mostly the children tortured me in my Quiet Room, while I was cleaning up.
Last night we watched Star Wars - with the trappings - and the children talked and hollered through the whole dang thing!
This morning Trev begged to go back downstairs to my room - he wanted to play pokemon while I found something to do - I was eventually talked into it, though he bailed on me after I had said "Um, this is a quiet place, and all this craziness doesn't suit me". (They were destroying my room!)
So Maddie and I came back upstairs after he left us.
We played with a stretchy rope - the jumpropes that are giant rubber bands? What are those called? We strung them across furniture, and played climb over/duck under/how low can you go over those. Great fun.
Library books.
Maddie enjoyed another cup of hot tea.
Fist thing in the morning, "Hot tea, Daddy."
"You can't have tea!"
Trev: "Oh yes, she can - Mom makes her special tea!"
Yup, I do.
Raspberry zinger. She loves it.
Dinosaurs on the kitchen table.
Daddy's back from fishing, and now it's somewhat damp jumpin-on-the-tramp.

I dunno what else is up for the evening.
They're happy.

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