Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the five w's

Why don't we eat scorpions?

Can you tell me more about the batrachotomus?

What does iguana mean?
Wants to know the interpretation, as 'batrachotomus' means "frog-slicer" and 't-rex means "king tyrant lizard". Turns out, can't seem to find out what 'iguana' means, other than "new world lizard". If anyone knows....

Can you show me a picture of batrachotomus?

Where did it live?

Do killer whales ever come up on the beach?


Where do babies come from?

Was the batrachotomus a plant-eater or meat-eater?

And sometimes, like while at lunch today, he asks questions he knows the answers to, just to start conversation.
Do cheetah's spend most of their time in trees?
"I don't know, do they?"
"They sleep in trees!"
Do they spend most of their time in them?"

And like... What is a human?
Is human a type of mammal?

What does evolving mean?

Is the earth going to explode someday?

Who is Pegasus?

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