Thursday, September 20, 2007


Last night (when I was mostly asleep) Trev asked me if we could learn more about the killer whale, manatees, and sea lions.
"Sure, Bub, we can study those things. But tomorrow, okay?"
"Okay. And we'll study dinosaurs, too."
"Okay." I was actually hoping I wouldn't forget, as I was pretty foggy, but I remembered.

This morning we had tons of things on The Agenda. The aforementioned sea creatures.
Dinosaurs, of course.
Cookie decorating. We made them last night, but it was too late to decorate them.
The making of eggs and handprints and fossils out of our newly acquired and never-been-experienced Plaster of Paris.
The success of this project was a bit touch-and-go (read: stressful for one of us.) I should have bought two tubs of it - it dried really fast, I wasn't expecting that.

It wasn't terribly expensive - $4 for I thought a large amount, but we went through just about all of it today, and only have two things to show for it - the rest we'll just chalk up as 'experience".

Shortly after that we had added a few more things to our Things To Do list.
Fossil making inspired time travels.
Time travels inspired mysteries, with clues and footprints and such.
This is a saber-tooth footprint. Isn't it impressive? It was brought to my attention in which way the animal had traveled, and what he might be up to by the direction of this print.

One of our time trippings - we had a few today- brought us to a sleeping Saber-toothed Cat and a Megalodon!
Downstairs to round up the remainder of the sea life books, Maddie spies paints and magnet letters/shapes.
Add those to the list.
Trev asked today if there is truly a weather station in the Himalaya's.
Which led to the globe.
Which led to the question of what animals live in the Himalaya's. Found a great site about that.
They actually mentioned the Yeti, which is the abominable snowman, and he was super-thrilled that it was mentioned!
Maddie's been telling knock-knock jokes again.
Hers goes something like "Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Who's there orange."
"Orange who?"
Which is of course her variation of Trev's personal favorite.
Maddie is sleeping (phew!) so I'd better see if Trev's ready for our neglected sea animals...


  1. Hi I just found you from a short trail of unschooling blogs :)
    I just had to say that I too have a child that lives in his underwear, great pics, cute kids, it looks like fun.

  2. Stephanie - thanks so much for leaving a "passing by" note.
    It's much appreciated!
    Stephanie Also

  3. reallife learning yipeee!

  4. Hi Derek -
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
    It's a great life, isn't it?


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