Thursday, September 20, 2007

Exploring II

I'll just take up where we left off...
"Hey, Bud. Maddie is sleeping, wanna go read about the sea creatures?"
Outside we go.
"Mom, where's the one with the prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs?"
He's asking about our Wild Life Fact Files (I've mentioned this treasure before), and if I brought up the one with the prehistoric animals.
"Still downstairs, Bub. Want me to go get it?"
So we do.

Honestly, we have been reading - every card - for over an hour. And talking. And discussing.
Dinosaurs, of course. Sea creatures. Extinct modern animals.
Notably, the Dodo, as it has before now been passed by. Did you know that the Dodo thrived for millions of years, off the coast of Madagascar, a place (I am pretty geologically illiterate) called Mauritius? - anyway, it became extinct within 15o years of man discovering it. Due to it's not being afraid of man, and other predators being introduced to the island. After it had thrived for millions of years.
Globe, again.
Then it's animal behavior - Do Animals Talk? and then Animal Adaptations to Life in the Dark. "Wanna read about your sea creatures now?"We made it to Killer Whales, then he was ready to fly for a while.I can't go away without imparting a snippet for the Baby Book Pages....

Earlier today:
"Mom. I missed you!"
I was all aggravated and exasperated at the time. "I was in the next room, Bud."
"I know. I missed you on Saturday, when you were at work."
"Oh." Still exasperated... What???
"I wanted to say.... 'Smell ya later!"
Aaaah, I see, I've been set up. Too bad my sense of humor had eluded me....

"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Smell, who?"
"Long time no smell!"
While looking at the Tasmanian Wolf, a strange animal with a really long jaw, and a super long tongue... he's trying to open his jaw as wide as the beast, and says "I can't open my mouth that long!" Gets a wicked look on his face, "Long tongue, no smell!" He says, and proceeds to cackle his way to kingdom come.
"Ahahaaha! That was a really funny joke!" I admired - thoroughly enchanted, of course.

While studying the dodo...
"The doodoo died millions of years ago..."
"Doodoo is poo, Bud, you mean Dodo."
He stops, and laughed.... "I just made one more really funny joke!!!"
I'm gonna eat him.

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