Thursday, September 20, 2007

6:13 Same Day

It's 'cause I just can't help myself!
Here is the rest of our tale... I think.
More painting...
Remember that "experience" I wrote of earlier? The Plaster of Paris, and we didn't know what the heck we were doing thing?
Well, turns out, when it's thrown onto the ground, it makes a sort of "breaking glass" or, well, "breaking pottery" sound.

Oh - a big hit!
Er - with all of us, as the babes like it, and Mama doesn't freak.
"Help, Mom! There's a baby drowning in quicksand!!!""Mom! I think this egg is ready!"
"Let me see... no, Bub, it's still cold, and not done yet...."
Play, play play.
Two point two seconds, or thereabouts pass...
"I've got something to tell you, Mom, this egg is broken, and it's a baby dilophasaurus!, but it wasn't my fault!"

And the residue of our happy, chaotic day?....and then the happy ending...

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