Friday, August 10, 2007


Had a request for Ned's Head. A great game of "seek out your designated object without looking" game.
Trev wanted to play on our bed, so we did.
It's been a while. Maddie cakes requested that we bring up "Kitchen Garfield" from the basement. We've since set up shoppe in her room, and she can be found merrily playing there for hours... while, say, Brother is doing something Terribly Disappointing such as denying her while setting up a movie for Dinosaur World or watching Ed, Ed, and Eddy. Ben 10 is a different story, however... it's much to important to Trevy to be so arbitrarily dismissed.....
We gave loved ones baths. On a side note... I have surmised that Harold (hermit crab #2) has determined himself to be a She, as he/she dumped that rather... vibrant.... shell which was painted like the flag and chose this beautiful, natural, girly and spiky shell in its stead. Who but a girl would opt for such a stylish, tasteful, but beautiful, heavy, and decorative shell? I ask you. (Yes, yes, yes, knights wear many pounds of armour to keep them alive and protected... but who but a lady would wear excessive weight simply to be fashionable?) Maddie (up to her sitting hips) in Trelly's books, after we've picked them up from his bedroom floor and placed them where they go on his shelves.
Video games. Where Brother leads, Cakes will follow.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, books!" you say.But in this house, often times books are yawned at (much to the dismay of the Mama) and I do not take such interests lightly.
On this particular day, it was a Mightily Impressive Stack that we read. Probably a good 15 books, over a two hour period. (The Mama offers her thanks to whomever High Above that is listening and is in need of her allegiance and sincere appreciation for whatever influence they exuded in That Particular Moment.)

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