Sunday, August 12, 2007

while under the stars: a funny

Last night the children and I slept outside. Trev wanted to go outside to jump when Mama was finished watching Anne of Green Gables (sigh - I do so love Anne and Marilla and the gang, and miss them when I haven't seen them in a while.)
So we were outside.
"This is much more comfortable than the bed." commented Trev.
"Is it?"
"Yeah. The bed has all those broken blood vessels. And all those busted memory cells."
"Oh." giggle.
"We need a Tempurpedic."
"It's the bed that changes how the world sleeps."
lol again, where's my laptop?
"It's pretty bouncy,and the springs don't break when you bounce on them."
"And you can jump on the bed with a glass of wine and the wine doesn't tip over!"
"And the very best part is... when you get out of bed, you won't disturv your partner!"

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