Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcoming Orphans

We have a few orphans who are going to be living in our home for a few days.
Trev says... about five days.
I would take their picture to you show you, but it wouldn't do any good, The Orphans are invisible.
Here's how they came to live with us.

"Mom. We really need to go back to Lagoon and Solve That Mystery."
On our way out of the amusement park the other day- at closing time - there was a mysterious banging noise that we were trying to solve. We imagined all sorts of things. Being thoroughly exhausted and delirious, Trev kept saying over and over again "We need to solve this mystery", to the point that Eric and I were ready to run, screaming, covering our ears. This is something my children do when they're exhausted. Talk. Of one consuming topic.
Finally I told him we would think about it tomorrow (at home) and see if we could come up with any theories. And that I wasn't up for discussing it anymore more that night. Which I decidedly wasn't. (10:30pm, ten plus hours at the amusement park... people everywhere - we were sort of "done" if you see what I mean.)
"Shall we come up with some mysteries to solve? Would you like me to make a treasure hunt, or something?"
I explained to him about the sorts of clues I would give, etc, he cut me off out of impatience and disinterest.
"Mom. Listen. How 'bout we just have a mystery right now?"
"Okay. I'll look for clues while I'm cleaning the kitchen. What mystery are we solving?"
"Well, we need guns, and then we'll get Sasquatch."
"Oh, I don't want to kill anything. I don't want a gun."
"It's for catching the monster! Sasquatch. El chupacabra!"
"Still. It has never done me any harm, and I don't want to harm it."
"How about a net?"
"What will we do once we catch it?"
"Take off its mask, if there is one, and see who is behind it!"
"Oh, I see. Alright."
He comes back in a few minutes with a little gun that Aunt Sam bought for him when he was at her house a few weeks ago. "This is the one I was looking for, Mom." It shoots these little foam ring things. "Aaah, now I see."
A minute later.
"Mom! I found the first clue!"
"What did you find?"
"I found this money!"
"Hmmm. What could it mean?"
I was wondering how on earth I was going to come up with what this money could possibly mean, when he said "I think it means the sasquatch has something to do with money. And that means it isn't a real sasquatch, it means it's just a man in a mask!"
My goodness. Impressive! "Aaaaah!"
We found another clue shortly after that - this one was a little ball of hair. Hmmm.
After we unmasked a few water monsters (haunting the water park which was our home) we uncovered one Ms. Matilda Something, I forget her surname, now.
She was (this one was mine) the director of the local orphanage, and she was taking the money that people had donated for toys for The Orphans, and was keeping it for herself!
So after giving the people all their money back, Trev asked if they could come to stay with us for a few days. There is Harry, who does everything that Trev does - climbs walls, plays with him, makes jokes, likes the same books, etc, Lucy, who is a baby, and then Uno, Natasha, and Jake - I don't know much about them, yet.
They all wanted to join us in lunching on our homemade chicken noodle soup, though we could only feed a couple of them at a time - no room, you know.

Now we're trying to straighten up, and blog, and snack, and catch up on emails and play - all at the same time, and Trev amidst this chaos tells me that they aren't orphans any longer, that they shall be living with us permanently - that I am now their mother.

Five more, huh?
Ah, well. I spose I shall be grateful that they'll have me.


  1. This is awesome. Imagination is so powerful!!

  2. It was great!
    Trev is pretty attached to them.

  3. I love it! I'll definitely have to read the "story" to Damek, he's been in a similar spot recently in regards to imagination, I think he'll also think it's great.


  4. So cool that they have great imaginations, isn't it? But at the same time, isn't it nice that your five new children are so quiet? I have one who talks all day as well. It's great that you remember his stories so vividly. I wish I could do that.

  5. Madeline -
    Often I write them down in blogger right after they happen so I don't forget the details.
    As far as the "what HE said" stuff goes - I'm lucky to have a little boy with an incredible memory, and I can ask him hours later "What was it that you said exactly about the bear when we were playing with the balls?" and he can tell me verbatim.
    That certainly makes my job easier!

  6. Sounds a little like Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo....very impressive!

  7. Steph,
    I love these pictures....just precious.
    In the one of them both sitting at the table, I can see Liam in Trev. I'll see if I can find a picture of him with this expression so you can see what I mean.
    Again, thanks for posting these!


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