Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Day

Interestingly, today is looking so far a lot like a school day -with lots of extras, of course.

Maddie woke up and got out her leappad first thing. Shapes, counting animals, and the player piano page. She loves that little leappad.
Lots of books.

We read quite a bit about comets and theories on how the moon was formed, and a book about basic telling time -Maddie brought it in - Trev moved the hands to the appropriate places for each time, and then read a little bit (looked through mostly) our book Explorers and Traders. Some of this was done while we also watched Animals Most Xtreme.

Trev helped out Maddie when she was sad and tired, and layed her down and sung her "Garump Goes the Little Green Bullfrog", and promised her raisin bran when she awoke. He came in to tell me about it all sweet. It didn't take, Maddie came in right after him, but then he took her to the table to feed her some cereal as promised. So sweet!

We had lunch of leftovers from last night (not just the raisin bran).

Trev made up a dinosuar story, and played in the sandbox, after dumping out all the water by himself... how, I don't know.

Mama's been lying down a lot of the day, as I've been a bit ill for a few days.

We watched Jeff Corwin.

Trev played Ben10 and ScoobyDoo on the notebook for a while. He's getting pretty good at it.

Daddy is now home and they've been jumpin and hollerin.
All is well.

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  1. "all is well". How sweet! It's not often a sick super sick mom can say that after watching all manner of chaos happen around her all day!

    The Naturalist loves Jeff Corwin, and actually met him and helped him on stage one amazing night. I should post about was her best night ever. And, animals Most Extreme is Tivoe'd at this house. Even thought the one on earwigs made the Sassy Princess think that all bugs will crawl into her ear and 'eat her brain!!!!'.


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