Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Some were absolutely imperative...
This would be finding the despicious smell emanating throughout my house, and my Very First project today. There was this funk... like vomit in a more subtle moment and like parmesan cheese in a more powerful one... that I had to figure out today.
We're just not stinky house sort of people. Messes and dirt, yes. Stink, no. ("Do I smell something?!... What am I... hard of smelling?!?")
It just kept getting worse and worse, and we couldn't figure it out. Wasn't garbages, or the bathroom, or anything that we could find.
We suspected it was another salami-hidden-in-the-pitcher surprise, but we couldn't find it. Turns out, it was a despicious (toxic) fridge drip pan, as it had been clogged a few days ago and I pulled and cleaned the plug, allowing excess water down into the pan. Evidently it grew and met up with friends, and had a host of all sorts of liveliness going on. I am not above thanking Chlorox in such moments.
Cleaned under the fridge, and the garbage pails, washed the couch linens, and hopefully we're set.
Project one complete!

Some made me smile....
This is Manda. (Manda being, as I am sure you know, a friend of Godzilla's.) What you see is his tail. His body goes on for quite some time, tunneling until he just couldn't any more, deep-deep-deep into the depths of the watermelon. Evidently Manda was boasting of his successes, because later Mothra (also a friend) was seen to be munching on a nearby healthy rind.
Some made me scratch my head in perplexment...
Some thoroughly irritated me. I decided I'd better pour a glass of beer before I attempted this one....
(er... this picture taken after a good solid hour/more of cleaning. The footpath was absolutely, unequivocally NOT there before, otherwise I'd not have been Quite So Concerned for the welfare of myself and our family....) The Mess goes in these various bins. Cars, Star Wars, Dinosaurs, Playmobil Castle, various "smalls", leap pad, Animal Rescue, various "large", View Master, "paper" (including card games and family pics), etc. "Everything Has A Place", don't you know.
And some that made me groan....Madeleine lugged this drill bit/screwdriver case - a good 12 pounds- for quite some distance, to of course damand that she be let to do a little vvvvvvvvvvv!ing of her own.


  1. hmmm. I am of the stinky smell variety. Possessing a strong sense of smell, it seems that on a daily basis I utter the words, "What's that smell?" Ryan usually says, "What's that stink?" A little more to the point I think.

    this post has such personality, as all yours do, and I just love it!


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