Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Photo Shoot (or) Aunt Stephanie is Crazy and a Bad Influence

"Okay," I say as I drop off my babes at Grammy's "let's get a picture, everyone together!"
"Mmmm, I don't like my picture taken, really" said Lundi.
"Would you like to wear a bag over your head?" I ask.
"Mmm, yes."
"Paper, or a pilllow case?" I ask.
Grammy interrupts. Tells Lundi how Aunt Steph is gonna put it on the blog "you know how your Mommy looks at Aunt Stephs pictures?, well, Mommy will be able to see your pictures! I'm sure she'd love to see them!" I was thinkin' at the time... if Aunt Kim posted a pic of Trev with scuba goggles and a spiderman cape for Formal Pictures, I'd only laugh. I am pretty certain that if Lundi was photo'd with a bag over her head, my sister would know what it was about. I am also positive that Lundi has a much keener understanding of that mysterious internet thing and blogs than does Grammy. So I was laughing at Grammy -on the inside.
"You can wear a bag, of you want, Babe." Reiterates Aunt Steph.
Megan sits down immediately. "Everyone over here!" she says.
"No, Trev" Megan continues, "You can't do that, we want this to be nice!"
Nice? Wouldn't that be something! You may have sometimes wondered if I really do take the pictures that I claim to, as the lilies looked quite different from photos of the family. There is a simple reason... my children are always on the run. And I just try to keep up. "Freeze!" would never work sufficiently in this house.

Just as I thought!
...would be the nice version!

"Er... you don't have to make it nice if you don't want to. You can be upside down! Or with your finger in your nose! Or monster faces! Whatever you want!" Knowing full well that if I tried to capture a tidy picture of five little children I could very well forfeit my Quiet Time that was awaiting me at my empty house.

Natalee was absolutely adamant about not embarrassing herself (and therefore losing The Crown to an interloper). Pretty much all her poses were the same. She did get crazy at one time, and hold up her hand in a wave. Way to go, gNat!
Now her sister Meagan... woh, look out scary monster! Who is that demon child? Dang! Lundi did get into the spirit of the thing, eventually. Er... (lol) but not here!

Maddie was mostly enjoying the faces and noises around her, and maybe was sittin' a little too close to Natalee, and got rubbed off on. Trev was Trev. Perfectly comfortable just being himself (with a bit of ham on the side).

Here's how it went. Boring for you... fun for me!

Er... it wasn't precisely bums we were after, but upside down! just so you know! :)

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  1. Thank you for your witty comments!! We laughed so hard and the pictures are so funny. I had no idea Nat was so prim and proper. She'll learn to let loose at our house! Lundi doesn't like her picture taken? That is a new thing....usually she competes with her sibs to get in front of the camera. She is just being camera shy because she is there, funny girl.
    I love the upside down ones and cute little Maddie looking on. Great job and you are right, Mommy loves them. I miss her and it was great to "see" her. Give her a kiss for me, k?


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