Monday, August 06, 2007

Loving Life

Today we headed out again (aren't we so very brave?). We considered a few places to visit (back up again was among them), but eventually thought we'd try Antelope Island. Which is an island in the Great Salt Lake.
There's no climbing up mountains, so we were relatively sure of ourselves.The fist beauty we spied was a lovely marsh hawk.

Next we came across a jack-rabbit. Not very glamorous, you might say, but we were happy to cross paths with any and all wildlife.

Prong-horn Antelope.
Maddie insisted upon riding the horsey. While dismounting, Eric spied a sign on the ground that said "Please do not touch." Woops.
I realize this isn't a very natural picture, but after watching the herd for quite some time, this huge animal led his herd right across our road... and he was so large (several inches taller than I - maybe he was six feet tall?) and so beautiful that I can't help but feel an obligation to post this picture of him. He was awesome.

One of the beauties of the desert is lizard chasing, of course. We weren't really very hopeful, but as the evening came upon us, Eric and the children actually found four.
Maddie was the best at spotting them! Which doesn't surprise me. She's very clever about such things.
Here is an orange beetle friend that we were happy to meet. While Eric and the children were searching for lizards, I saw some beautiful smooth stones that inspired me to make an obos (thanks, Laura, for introducing me to this beautiful art). What a joy it was. It just made the magic of the day that much more lovely.
Trev was inspired by my creation to make one of his own. After getting a bit frustrated, he asked me to help him with his obos. He chose his favorite place in the area to place his... without my encouragement. I simply asked him where he'd like to build, and he chose this dirt mountain that he was taking much pleasure in. There is no wildlife (well, that I know of ) in the above picture, but I kept thinking over and over again, while marveling at the golden beauty of the hills "This must be what the savannah looks like. All golden loveliness." Amazing.
A day full of love and wonder.

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  1. Hey! I just read this post (you are such a prolific writer that I can't always keep up, I'm sorry to say) and your obos are perfect! And how cool that your boy got in on it! I got here by way of technorati. I got this new tracker thingie on my blog and it said someone got to me via technorati, and so i went there and it has everything about my blog as well as any references to me, kinda wild. I don't know what it is. If you do, enlighten me, k? :)


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