Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Let's see.
Saturday night we had the Long Awaited Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix. We've had this one on the calendar (in our minds) for a couple of weeks. Front and Center.
Sunday we had plans to play with friends later in the afternoon, but before we did that we made our way to Murray Pool for splashin', slidin', swimmin' and sunnin'.

Friends canceled, so we had to console ourselves with only our own company. I love this picture... it says so much for how we spend our time together. Just hanging out. Intertwined, talking, sharing. Not doing anything. Just being. Together.

Monday Maddie did a little fashion showing.
Loads of reading each day (yay!). I show you this picture because this is the ugliest animal I have ever seen. It is a Dimorphodon. Ugh. We've been reading about dinosuars and silly stories and Oil Spills and many other things. Painting.
After that we mostly just spent our time cleaning Trev's room.

"Mom. Listen. I am a free kid. All of this cleaning up is really Cramping My Style!" lol. Ordinarily I do not press the issue... obviously.... but Eric and I were getting hurt (not to mention breaking toys) each time we had to go in there to feed Harold and Herman. And there is really no where else to keep them permanently.

So now it's clean... and lots of fun to play in. Imagine that!


  1. If you were closer we could invite Trev to Jesse's replay-of-the-Ben-Ten-movie party. the premiere was a big event here as well. I love your pictures. Especially the one of them painting.

  2. I know, I saw that!
    That was what reminded me that I totally forgot to include the other pics from saturday in Saturday's post!
    Every day was "how many more days?"
    We recorded it, too.
    Way too important to miss!


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