Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Because

Just because sometimes "A girl's gotta be a grrrl" as dear Laura would say, this is a picture for your Grrrls!
Did you notice how damned cute these shoes are?

We were dressed and out the door - before 11am! -(now you know how we crammed so much stuff into our day!) and on the way to the freeway, we stopped to pick up some shoes, as Baby had outgrown hers.

Saw these gems... and thought "they'll not match any outfit but this one", but how could I possibly refuse?

Being the Always Trying To Be Fair Mama that I am, I gave her a choice of Practical White Tennies, or these beauties.
She did not let me down!


  1. Soleil has the same pair and wears hers with anything and everything.

    Very girly...

  2. Aaaah....

    I can see it now...
    with yellow duckies...
    and bright green apples....
    purple grapes...
    and Ooh! orange jack o'lanterns!
    How Punk Rock!
    Very cool.

  3. Ummm, I would wear these shoes. IS that bad?


  4. I would absolutely wear them!

  5. Grrl, we can go shoe shopping anytime! Those rock. :)


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