Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4

ScoobyDoo marathon.

Great adventure at Waldo's (Wild Oats Natural Market) and then Petco. Really, it was great.
Even on a Saturday afternoon. Yay for us!

Herman got a friend. And a new grand piece of driftwood to climb upon. I never told the story of why we got Herman, Trev was wanting an iguana. He had some birthday money from family, and chose Herman, instead. It was his money. His thing. We're slowly getting over our aversion (Eric and I) to Pets In Cages. Anyway, Herman has a brother. Harold. Course, we felt compelled to give him a clean home, so we put in new sand and new ground something - whatever they call it. really fine shredded wood.

Watermelon cutting and slurping.

Loads more practicing on the stilts. I think Julie, Damek, Lee, and Kyan gave these to Trev for his birthday. (It's all a big mystery... Trev would be handed a gift, then head into the house to open it in secret. I don't know why.) He lives on them the last couple of days. Thanks so much to Lee for making them. (and family for thinking of us.)

"Mommy, will you jump on the tramp with us?"
"Oh, yes."
Off we went to play...
"I'm doing kung fu."
"Is that from Underdog? Does Underdog do kung fu?" she breaks into song..."Everybody was
kung fu fighting... neeneenee, neeneenee, nee-nee-nee, Fast as lightning..." Loud and joyously.
"Berries, Mommy."
"Bearries, or bears?"
"No, wait, don't go!"
"I"ll be back, Maddie wants to go on a berry hunt. Is that like a bear hunt? Are we hunting berries or bears?"
"Oooh, here we go...."

Kickball Chaos in the kitchen (with Annabelle).

Chase Me-Chase Me games with an unwound cassette tape (Annabelle again). Complete with very loud squealing, of course.

"I"m gonna take this paper towel and clean up an icecream sandwich mess. But don't worry, Mom, I'll have it cleaned up in no time." Heads to the livingroom. Honestly, it won't make much of a difference.... the carpet has black oil acrylics all over it, and the couch linens are ready to be washed....

It's quiet now.... I wonder what they're doing......

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