Saturday, August 04, 2007

the five w's

(August 4) What does politic mean?

What's a tumbleweed?

What is saliva?

What are bunions?
"Uh. Well, they're sores that you get on your feet."
What about your butt?

Can we look at the minotaur again?
(This time we were led all the way through the story, including a delightful discussion afterward. It was awesome. Truly.)


  1. I forget that you have this blog, too, and have been meaning to tell you how adorable your children are. Because you don't know that already...sheesh. It's reassuring to see that mine aren't the only ones running around in underwear only.

    Some heavy discussion has been going on at your place, too. Bunions? Dinosaurs? Interesting streams of thoughts by your little ones.

    You called my kids sparkly, well yours are that also plus a bag of chips. Absolutely positively enchanting!


  2. Thanks, Evie.
    I figure I need two... one for them, and one for me. :)


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