Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29

Let's start with yesterday.... An' now move on to today...She was pushin buttons, and singing the letters, she wants badly to know the abc song... We wash our hands and sing this song (it takes a goodly amount of time, when the song is over, the germs are gone.)

Pirate talk and walkin' the plank, and "ahoy there, matey's". Told him September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day". He's pretty interested in that.
She's (Annabelle is) learning.
What do you call a vast amount of Stephens Milk Chocolate Cocoa mixed on the kitchen floor with corn starch? Well, if you add a little milk, 'Round here, we call that "Puddin'"!

Yes, she's two. Two and... two months, actually.

"Swing Me, Mom! Three hours!""Baby, I can't swing you for three hours, I'm still working on the computer." (catching up on my life after calendars) "Three minutes," she relented.

"Haircut Annabelle" she says now waving and snapping the scissors.


  1. Hey! Where did you find the cards that you can do tangrams with? Is that even the right way to say that?

    We have those things and I've looked for pictures but haven't found any.

    Your kids look like they're having so much fun!!

  2. At my favorite place in the whole wide world for supplies - discount school supply. (along with
    Here is a link to the page - though you'll have to take out the space before you copy and paste.

    Don't spend TOO much! :)


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