Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24th, Edited

That was a joke of sorts, because Madeleine spent the better part of the day not dressed.
On that note - remember Nice Neighbor (Christina)? She informed me last night that she spoke with her mil -family social worker-, and a not dressed child in your own backyard is not illegal. De trop? Maybe. Cause for concern on its own? No. jic, I'll be calling dcfs, now that I'm a bit more confident.
Edited only because I've been messin' with Photoshop again. Mostly Elements, as it is much simpler for my puir brain to "git" than PS 7.0.
So here is our day, photoshop style (some, at least). Just for kicks.
(re: above picture - Don't ask me.... I don't know. One o' those things that Just Is.)

This one (above) is included because it was somewhat extraordinary... Trev lifted the sandbox so that he and Maddie could look for worms - he's strong!- and she was asking about their eyes, and what they could see, and he told her that they didn't have eyes, and that they dug tunnels under the ground and had no need for eyes, etc...

"Mom. Do we have an attic?"
"Er... yeah." 'Sort of', I'm thinkin'. Not one full of Grandma's treasures - war medallions, lace doilies, old photos, fancy hats, boxes of memorabilia, etc. Just insulation and dust.
"Can I see it?"
"Sure. Though it's a bit tricky, you'll have to give me a minute."
"Is there a Secret Passageway?"
Think 'cubby hole, and Trev-doesn't-know-where-the-access-is = secret passageway'...."Oh, yes!"
Ours is not the pull down on the rope sort, but a covered hole-in-the-ceiling-of-Maddie's-closet-sort.
None the less, we managed.
Trev thought he was g0nna put on his shoes and spend the afternoon exploring up there, but that's just not feasible. Told him he prob'ly wouldn't need his shoes. An' that if he walked up there, he was likely to come crashing through the plastered ceilings.
He was satisfied with just a peek, thank goodness.
Asked him if he wanted the camera to take a picture. He did.
Continuing onward...
(we're All About Stickers and sticker books lately on the girly front.)

Berry hunt'n.

The reason for this last picture is that it scared the hell out of me (it's not been edited - only cropped).We had gone inside (whoof, it's messy in there! let's stay out here for a few more days - maybe someone will come to clean up!) to rinse off the warm ripe raspberries, and as I was rinsing them off, this Thing comes launching from over my left shoulder, and splats! right in front of me. "What the...(looks down) Aaaaack!" Scared the hell out of me! This was its landing pose, mind you, and was not staged! lol
"Sorry, Mom!" Trev said with Much Contrition.

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  1. No, it's one of those really soft rubbery ones!

    It was so awesome! I've been noticing the exchange between them getting more intimate as Maddie ages - like yesterday they played horsie on the tramp, that sort of thing.
    It's moving from "Mom, get Maddie!" to "Let me show you this, Maddie." It's such a wonderful thing to see!


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