Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14

Oh my goodness.
We are surely the veriest Tacky Hillbillies alive.


  1. Love that picture. If I had to explain all the hillbilly pictures we have in our collection, I would have a lot of explainin' to do.


  2. This is so funny!!!! I love the smile on her face. She doesn't know she looks like an orphan. Infact, when I saw this it reminded me of a child in an orphanage in some poor war stricken country. I'll send money now. Since I don't drink cofee (or even know how to spell it) I can five up my bottled water habit, for just .52 cents a day I can help that child!!!

  3. Alas, dear sister, you give me too much credit. She actually perched there to shout at me because I had gone outside and shut the door behind me. She was letting me know of her displeasure!

    Yes, please do send money. We will surely find some lovely ways to spend your 52 cents a day!
    Flea powder for the hounds. Brand new fly-paper (as opposed to just scrapin' off the old dead ones), Clothes pins for the line - Trev has been complaining that his arms are getting tired from standing out there all day holding all the laundry up, and we would like to buy a few bits of grass seed for patches in the lawn for the children to play on.... in between the cars and parts, of course.


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