Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14 The Second

So I bravely show dh my last post of the baby.
"Isn't that terrible?" I say. "Dirt or Heaven knows what on her stomach. Hangin' out the window, shoutin'."
"And yet you publish it on the internet!" :)! "Sometimes I think you're bit too personal. Talkin' about our messes."
I laughed.
(It's a 'hunerd' degrees ahtsahd t'day...)
He continues...."I had to hose myself down with the sprinkler." He's mowing the lawn. "I had mud on me."
"From all the dust flying up, and then sticking to the sweat?"
"Yup. Formed into mud!"
"I needed a picture of that to go with the last one!" with a big irritating grin on my face.
"Yeah, it would have been perfect." said he. "Too bad. aaa-haa!"
That's what he thinks....

Love you Babe.

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