Friday, August 10, 2007

And Today

Trev wanted to go with me to the laundromat. Maddie opted to hang out with Grammy. He was thoroughly satisfied with the operation and mechanics of the huge washer... "yeah, this will do" sort of thing. After we took out our sleepingbags, we were headed out... "We have to find the guy and tell him that this is the one we want." "We're not taking it, Bud." We just came to borrow it." "What?!? What kind of store is this?" "It's not a store, it's a laundry mat. You just come to wash something."
He was very hurt and disappointed that I had not made that clear. Took him a while to get over it.

Later, while at home, I hear this "Let. (boom) Me. (boom) Out! (boom). I go investigating, and this is what I found. Madeleine laughing and cackling with glee. "Let me out, You Criminal!" Trev mutters from inside. It was hilarious. He could have gotten out if he really tried, of course, he's much stronger than she.
Still, it made her happy to be playing the game, and he tries to please her most times.

Trev and Maddie helped me to fix my imagined problems with the dishwasher. Everyone has to help "fix" things. (er... by their accord, not mine.)
And stories and playing in the laundry drying on the line and dinosaur movies and lots of Kitchen Play and vacuuming and sweeping.
Maddie is loving having more toys upstairs in her room.
Yesterday she loaded me down with things to cart upstairs for her.
Life is good.

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  1. laughed out loud at this cute. I also like how it showed his self confidence and believed in himself enough to express his oppinion.....knowing good and well that it would be valued. Good job, Mama. Kiss that boy for me.
    XOXOXO from Aunt Kim


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