Sunday, August 19, 2007

all about animals

Diving for animals. Learning about animals.
Fitting animals.
Toying with animals.
Lecturing on animals.
"Hey Mom. The meerkat will take down any animal smaller than it."
"Yeah. And will help take down animals that are bigger, too."
"Yeah. Even a snake. If the venom tries to suck out the meerkat's blood, the meerkat's bloodcells will just reverse on the venom."
"Fascinating. I had no idea."
(I checked it out. It seems that it is indeed a theory, as meerkats have taken on venomous snakes that would kill a human, and lived to tell the tale. It is suspected that meerkats have some immunity to the venom. I have learned not to doubt him - he's almost always right -or else some form of right- I just wanted to know the facts.)

Puzzling over animals.

Imitating animals.

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