Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Know It's A Good Day When...

Your child floods your bathroom and you go running for the camera.

Here I was, finally having finished up today's various olm posts, reading at Edie's blog before I post to HF, laughing and chortling and snorting. (thanks Evie.)

I hear this wierd running water and thumping noise (I'm sitting on the front porch, with Little Notebook on my lap -hereafter known as LN) and I get up to investigate.

The bathroom sink is full, and it's running off the sides, and making a thumping noise onto Maddie's potty, and into the garbage.

"Ha! Trev, did you leave the water on in the bathroom?" By the way, it's not poor plumbing that has this drain clogged, but I believe sand, so I really need to take off the ptrap and empty it. It's a homeschooler thing.

"Uh," he comes running. "Well?!? I was just trying to clean off my dinosaur bone!"
Sure enough, there it was, in the bottom of the sink, evidently tumbling and churning in the water was the perfect solution.
Remember that bone we found earlier? We boiled it in water for a long time to get the germs off, but after Trev drug it out of the water, he was verra disappointed in me that it still was marked up with dirt, or whatever dino DNA was still on it. "That's your department," I said. "I did my job."
And so he took care as he saw fit.
Not as I would have chosen (ordinarily), but who cares on a day like today?

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