Monday, July 16, 2007

Under the Clouds

Last night Trev and I decided to sleep out on the tramp.

We started out by watching and naming the clouds (MaddieCakes was asleep on our bed inside, Eric was outside with us), watching them shift and fade, going from the shape of one thing and into another.

We ended up speculating why the planets and moon shine at night. None of us knows the answer. It can't be just atmosphere, or gas, because surely areas are different.
Which led us to another question - what is Space made of?
It's not air - oxygen. So what is it? And is it different in places? Planetary atmosphere aside, I mean. And is it thick? Is it thin?

We decided that finding out is definitely on our To Do list today.

We're also thinking of riding our bikes to the pool, if it doesn't look like we'll get kicked out because of lightening. If not, then Daddy will blow up (with his very own lungs) the pool, and we'll ride our bikes later tonight to go get an icecream at our local malt shoppe. (This place is a real treat - for the eyes as well as the pallette. It's from the fifties. I'm pretty sure everything is original. Jetson's style sign and all.)

Only a couple more days until the camera gets here!

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