Tuesday, July 17, 2007


"Hey Dad. Did you know that a cockroach can live 20 days without its head?"
"Really? Where did you learn that?" Mama wants to know.
"I don't know. I just thought of it."
I'm sitting here with little notebook, so I jet over to ask.com (gosh, I love those folks so.) Turns out, he's pretty close to being right.... can live nine days without its head before it will starve.

"Did you know that the nothasuar is not the top predator of the Jurassic sea, but the plesiodon (leopleurodon) eats the nothosaur for breakfast?"

I haven't mentioned it, but it's become a huge part of our lives lately - we're having the discussion again right now - so I'm thinking of it.
My son speaks of different planes.

Such as "All prehistoric creatures still exist."
"You mean like on different planes? In the imagination? Maybe on a secret island somewhere?"
"Psh. Of course! On different planes." Looks up into the sky. Points up. "Out there. Different planes."

Now the conversation has moved to the thunder rolling over us. Again, making promises. (I am hopeful, and am believing in them, we'll see if they shall deliver this time.)

Thunder rolls.
Eric says "The clouds are pushing the air through. It will come in just a second." Sure enough, about five seconds later we have a breeze. The discussion moves to microburst winds, and weather.
Then back to Megalodon. "I found it. Come quick." Lying on the tramp, on his tummy, thumbing through the dinosaur encyclopedia. "Come see, there's no time to waste!"
"I'm not wasting away, I'm writing!"
Daddy puts down The Utah Fishing Guide (just as if he didn't know every bit of the three hundred plus pages by heart) to go see what Trev wants to show.

Trev reads (as it were), while bouncin' just a little. Maddie is fast asleep on our bed.
Annabelle is lying on the grass, head popping up every few seconds to better hear the early evening's noises.

"Hey Dad. Check out the days of the early humans." Mammoths, ice age, humans hunting mammoths for food....
And so it continues.

Have I ever mentioned that I really love my life?

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