Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ooh, Would Ya Look at That!

Yesterday while walking up the trail, Maddie spies the truck glowing in the sun, "Truck!" she says, knowing we're just about done with our trip.
We get there, and she walked around the other side to get in.

At that moment, time for her stood still, I think.

She stood there staring at the Blue Wonder for probably a good 22 seconds.
Oh, my.
Would you look at that?
Oh, goodness.
She approached it oh so reverently.
She was oblivious to the world around her.
She looked in the window.
This will do.
She walked around to the other side.
Peeked in.
Touch it.
She looks over at me, and demands "A little help here!" So that she can climb in and ride into the sunset.
For that is exactly what she was thinking.
This is mine.
This was made for me.

I swear she was in that moment a twenty-something year old girl, and she was only looking for the keys so that she could ride away.
It wouldn't have suprised me in the least if she had.

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