Monday, July 02, 2007

Life (without pictures)

We've had lots of interesting things today.

We've had baseball, and Prehistoric Park, and lots of kissing rubber centipedes, and tidying up, leisure computer work, and jumpin' on the tramp, blowing birthday party bubbles, and lots of games with Mama in the pool.

Have I ever mentioned how brilliant our daughter is?
Might seem silly to you, but she's truly an amazing thing to witness.
Just now, she gets out of the pool a bit chilled (the wind is ablowin' today) and wants a towel. I wrap it around her - it's of the "beach towel" variety, and off she goes, wearing it like it's the Queen's Mantle.
She takes two or three steps, I watch her, and I think "I hope she doesn't trip on that tail of towel that is between her feet."
Just then she looks down, to see what in the world is going on, sees that the towel is draping, and simply reaches down and picks up the train. Problem solved.
"Well, there you have it", thought I.

She does dozens of things like that a day. Solves problems like she's been doing so for years and years. Amazing. (She is just a week over two, you know.)

Trev remarked a few minutes ago that we needed to go camping. This came after I got out the folding cots for he and Maddie to lay upon for drying their n_____ skin in the shade (we're all outside - oh the beauty of a notebook!).
"When we go camping, everything will go really well. I will be watching a movie in the tent on the new computer, You will be watching for owls, Daddy will be fishing, Maddie will be exploring the forest, and Annabelle will be running around wherever she likes to go! Doesn't that sound like a good idea?"
"Oh, yes," said his Mama.

Aaah. (Contented sigh.) How nice to feel this hot, hot wind blow across me and my wet clothes on this summer's day. Do you remember how having your skin washed with cool, fresh swimming pool water feels? It's like bathing in a mountain river - it does something to the spirit, friends. Sort of like a Baptism for a Mama.

It is sure working its magic on me this afternoon.
The magic is most welcome!

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