Monday, July 09, 2007

July 9

In the last twenty-four hours or so we've had a few documentaries about sea monsters and other giant extinct creatures, inquiries about where Florida and Egypt are, the reading (whewf, it's been a while) of Fat Cat, jumping (imagine that), popsicle eating, making dinosaur movies, learning (more consistently) to go potty on the potty, discussions about Imaginary Friends, and learning new spinning tricks on the tramp.
We wrapped it up last night with a trip to the drive-inn to see Ratatouille. Which we all loved, by the way.
We left the drive-inn shaking our heads, and thinking, "Why would anyone ever go to a regular theater, when they can do this?"
It was more crowded than it was last year when we saw Cars, but Ratatouille has only been out since Friday, and Monday nights tend to be for families in our area, so there were substantially more people, but it was still a very pleasurable experience.
It still costs $12 for my family. They don't charge for children under nine, I suppose they think it wouldn't be fair, as they might be sleeping through it.

A great time!

I think today we're taking that trip in the Uinta's that I told you about - the one that has the pond nearby, and the stones from the pre-Cambrian period.
I sure hope we can spot some more stones with the tiny shells.

Oh, I wish I had a camera for lily pads, frogs, and play!

I'd better go wake up my family so we can begin our busy day.

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