Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 8

Trev is super excited to get the new camera and start making movies.
We have a video camera, but something is wrong with it, and you have to use the "secirity mode" to record anything, as the record button doesn't work. It's a pain. It will be great to be able to put some home movies onto a dvd.

Daddy is working again today (it's been a long week for him), but he has tomorrow off.

I think today we'll just clean up some more, and hang out - tonight we hope Eric will be up for going to see Ratatouille at the drive-inn. We'll see.

Trev is learning to tell time. He's only learning the hours right now - knows when it's near ten o'clock, say, or between ten and eleven, but it's pretty great to see him putting it together.

all is well.

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