Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2, 2007

Well I finally got a moment that doesn't belong to thirty-four other obligations!
The children are doing well, and are happy.
Trevelyn had his birthday party on Saturday, and had a very fine day. Most of his favorite people came over to help celebrate, though we missed a few.
The children played a couple of games and jumped on the tramp and splish-splashed in the pool. Lots of whooping and fun.
We had to replace the $12 Wonder Pool, as it sort of wilted.
But we have a new one - inflatable style, and it works.

For Trev's birthday we had a children's party with friends, and afterward we had family over for a barbecue and more fun. Besides cousins Megan and Natalee(and little baby Gingerbread), Forrest was here with a friend, and I think they had a pretty good time with the tramp and pool as well, even though the other children are so much younger.

Daddy has been on vacation all week, and the children have of course loved that! There has been play and more play, with Mama stuck inside trying to get the new computer up and running, and trying to get her work done.
For that reason, we've been tied to the house, but I don't think they've minded too much.

My/our camera has died, and I am sorely missing it already! I feel like I'm missing a hand.
It will be difficult to stay dedicated to this blog while not having so many snapshots to remind and delight me. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can replace it.

It is super-duper hot here lately, expected to be 100 degrees today, so I imagine they'll be out on the tramp and pool for most of the afternoon.
I think today I might head out there with them.

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