Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19

I'll start this post early on (9:45am) and we'll see what the day holds!
So far we've just had watching Prehistoric Park and picture taking (pictures by Trevelyn).
Mama is clean-cleanin'.

We've fixed things.

And made movies.

Loved and played.

They've built things.
Including New York City buildings!
And played with clay.
And experimented with magnets.
(We just really love those iron filings! They're so fun. So cool how they can look like little furry friends.) I showed Trev how to attract and repel the filings. He loved that. Maddie thinks the filings are "Pretty great!"

We've measured ourselves.

And bounced.
Had splashin in the pool.
An' Grrrrowlin'.Maddie is amazing me. She's going potty all by herself - no reminding, no offering, nothing. She'll just be in the middle of something, and say "Go peepee on da potty." And off she runs.

Amazing thing number two is that she'll shut the back door when she comes in from outside. It's damned hot in our part of the world (102 today) and so her Mama really appreciates her thoughtfulnesss. I can hardly believe that she remembers it.
Now Daddy is home (at Long Last!) and they're playing thier usual tunes.....
I feel compelled to complain that this is not innocent jumping - but these loves of mine play their game of "Hoy-yay!" from my precious stump!

Aah, well.

It's all good.

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