Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13

Today was Family Fun Day at our local historic farm.
It's held in honor of our state's holiday, which is Pioneer Day, on July 24th. We went last year and had a great time, so I didn't want to miss it this year.
I had forgotten how damned hot near 100 degrees is, especially while standing in the sun with a crowd.
First ill-fated thing was we had to park a bit away, as it was the busiest time of the day. (note to self: Next year, go at about 5:00!) While crossing the busy street (on our own, I couldn't see a crosswalk) we had a hell of a time - no one wanted to stop, even though there were lighted signs saying "Watch for children.... Family Fun Day". Finally, someone stopped, and tried to get his related lane to stop, too, then finally others on the other side stoppped.
What happened while in the middle of the road, you ask? The damned little umbrella stroller folded up on us! I'm not sure if I didn't have it properly locked, or the thing was just bent -rebelling from being sorely abused on so many occasions, but fold it did. We finally got out of the middle of the road (amid a few honks, -not kidding), and I tried to fix the thing. Decided I couldn't, and started to put it in someone's garbage can, then decided I'd try one more time. I did, and was able to unbend it a bit, and decided even if it only lasted a few more minutes, they would be welcome. The little thing doesn't owe us anything. (Remember those pictures of Eric four-wheelin' with it?)
Trev wanted to climb on the climbing wall, so we stood in line for that for quite a while. He actually got assigned the roughest spot, where there was an inverted climb. Of course, it being his first time, he got stuck, and wanted to get back down. But I think he thought it was pretty interesting.
Then it was popsicles, and a game (another 15 minutes of standing in line in the hot, hot sun), then back over to the popsicles, then off for some inflatable fun for a bit. Then more popsicles and pizza. Then Trev cooled his heels (literally and figuratively) in the creek for a while. Shortly after that friends spotted us (hi Julie, Damek, Kyan, and Lee) and Trev and Damek played on some bouncy things together for a while.
Maddie started to vent frustration, as she hadn't a nap, and pretty soon I started becoming undone as well. To make up for cutting our time short (three and-a-half hours)rather arbitrarily we stopped for Happy Meals on the way home.
Now Trev's pretty happy watching Flushed Away, Maddie is fresh out of the bath, and the world seems to have righted itself again.

Tomorrow night after work and Grammy's she wants to go the the Blues Fest at the Gallivan Center, but I'm not so sure about that. I always have a good time - but by then (6pm) it will be packed and I'm not sure my children would be up for it.
We'll see.

In other news, Maddie is regularly frequenting the potty. We're not making an issue of it, or watching the clock, or making a big song and dance. Just asking if she needs to go, and usually she'll trot off.

Trev has new teeth coming in on the bottom, the two front ones. His baby teeth are still there, too. I thought they were supposed to fall out first, but I asked Julie about it today, and she seemed to think that it wasn't alarming or extraordinary. That's good.
When I first noticed his teeth coming in, then felt the others to see if they were loose, I told him that he had some loose ones that were getting ready to fall out.
He threw his face agianst me, hugged me tightly, and said, "I'm gonna be rich!"
He later told his Daddy when he got home something about $5 for each tooth.
"What?!?" When did he or she start leaving that much? When I was a kid, I got quarters! Hmmph.

Grandma and Grandpa have rented a cabin at Moon Lake this weekend, and have invited us up. We've been before, Eric and I rented one when Trev was a tot. I think we'll probably stay for one night - we can probably do that without getting in everyone's way too much. We'll see.

I won't have my camera yet, but I'm sure I'll tote this notebook along. And definitely my sketching and painting utensils!

It's been a long day, and I need a "Quick Shour" as Maddie says. So I'm off to do that so we can all get tucked in.

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