Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Hilarious Consumerism Story - And Other Short Tales

On a personal note, and probably to the chagrin of a few friends or comrades, I am not one to fret over the tragedies of falling into a trap for consumers.
I have enough conspiracy theories mudding up my head, mainly those of a political nature. So with that being said.... here's my tale.

(Just now)

"Mom. I'm so proud of you for buying Kelloggs Frosted Flakes with a Shrek toy inside it."
(I'd like to note here that yes, we buy "junk" or "kid" cereals sometimes, my children eat probably 80% organic, so some things like this I do not take issue with.)
"Oh. (smile) Thanks for being proud of me."
He opens up the top of the box, and peers inside for the toy. (they don't place them in the bag, anymore, but usually right on top. No more messing, spilling, fishing your way through to the bottom of the bag.)
It's not there.
Takes out the unopened bag. Still not there.
"I don't get it. The toy isn't here!"
"Let me see," suspecting that it could be a 'mail in with Proofs of Purchase thing'.
"Well, it says here, 'Free Inflatable Boogie Board Mail-In Offer', and that you need five shrek tokens to get it."
"Hmm." Then gets a brilliant idea... "Maybe Five Chucky Cheese tokens would do the trick!"
I just couldn't help but laugh.
Not that I was laughing at him, you understand, but they're just so damned cute, you know? I heartily laughed and laughed.
"Mom! Stop laughing! This is serious!"
"Here's the plan, Mom. We'll just go to Chucky Cheese, but the money in the machine, and get some tokens. Then we'll come home (waves the empty box around) and put the tokens in here!"
I don't know - at first I thought he was supposing the toy would magically appear, causing me to further admire his cuteness -and I think he did think that- but after some thought, and remembering the words "mail-in", he supposed that the postman would have A Mysterious But Important part in the play.

None the less, a very funny happening.

Maddie has been chasing Trev and Annabelle around with her cleaners. (all of them she considers hers, and I keep trading the one in-hand for one that I made especially for her). In fact, she is at this moment napping on the couch with that particular one nestled firmly in her arms.

They've still very brown rumps.

It's still hot.

I think NC's mama suspects that we might be nudists. Hopefully she'll get used to our rather 'free' ways.

There have been naps on top of a sleeping Annabelle, discussions about presidents, dreams about dinosaurs (mine - Trev will never share what he dreams about, he insists on keeping them private. Initially I invistigated this a bit, as I was worried that some harm had come to him, but after being satisfied on that front, I have let him keep his private thoughts) late night movie watching on the new laptop, (has a great sound system) family bike rides, Ben10 alien scientific concoctions, speculations about our sugar crystals, and lots of other things that I have since forgotten.

Life is good.
If only we had fireflies in this part of the world, life would be perfect.
An ocean within two hours would be nice, too.

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