Monday, July 02, 2007


Last night I was having yet another moment of chaos, as I was desperately wanting to get my work for BC done.
I hear chaos/rustling/banging in the kitchen.
"Eric." I call. Meaning, "You're still on duty," of course.
More chaos noise. "Eric!"
No response. Must be in the shower.

Went into the kitchen, Maddie is up on the counter, and has dumped a soggy bowl of grapenuts from a couple of hours before upside down onto the clean kitchen floor.
Now keep in mind that I woke up yesterday morning fully intending to wrap up my work in two hours, and then I'd be free to play for the rest of the day. It was now about 8pm. Still working. Grr.
I lifted up the bowl from the clean kitchen floor, and marveled for a brief second that it maintained it's round, mountainous sort of shape.
What to do? I'll just leave it for a minute for Eric to get when he gets done - only a few more things, and I should be done, finally! Besides, it's kind of pretty, that mountain, all plateau-ish, and firm, with a few toy spoons sticking out of it....

About five minutes later Trev and Eric are in the kitchen.
I hear Eric (lol) say, "What the hell?!?"
Trev pipes in with... "Hey! (there is wonder in his voice) "Looks like Madeleine vomited up some spoons!"

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  1. Oh!!!! You made me laugh....this is so funny! Way to go Trev. Good job of distracting Mommy from getting mad.


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