Wednesday, July 18, 2007

before 9:30am

Maddie wants sausage and pancakes.
While fixing breakfast, Trev starts rearranging letters on the fridge. What does this spell? He wants to know. I think it was vfsqe. I told him.
We take a few minutes to read and rearrange letters... pack, sack, speck...

"Hey, you took the last sausage!" complained Trev.
"These two are my only ones, you had four." I said.
"I only had two!"
"You had two while sitting down, but then you had two while the pancakes were cooking."
"Oh, yeah."
Holding up my fingers, dancing, being silly "You-had-TWO-then, and-TWO-now... and-two-plus-two-is?"
"Right! And three on this hand plus three on this hand is? Six!" I danced.
Trev then took a turn. "And four plus four is?"
"Eight!" I exclaim. "And five plus five is?"
"Ten!" He shouts with glee.
"Right! How did you know that?" This has been something I've observed for quite a while... he had never gotten the permanence of the numbers.... wants to count them - the fingers, I mean.
"Because it's always the same!" He said.
"Yes, it is." I agreed.

How about that?

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