Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1099 Steps From Home

Trev was satisfied with 1099 (instead of 4 thousand 99). Actually he was satisfied with 1,000, but I wanted to be technical, so I took 99 steps around the pond. And it was good thing I did - for while traveling around the pond, we discovered fish! Which we had no idea were there, before today.

So we saw the ducks.
And the fish.

And Trev took several pictures.

And we had running.

And scoping through the binoculars.

Can you guess what these peculiar circular patterns are upon this pond? Raindrops friends. Alas, our skies have been gray for several days (I'm not complaining, mind you) but we only get a handful of drips squeezed out of them. Better than nothing, I say. Good for the spirit, if not enough for the land.

Trev asked what else was in the backpack, and I told him water and a notepad and a pencil. "I want the notepad and pencil, please!"
"Sure, Squirt." and I handed it to him.
"Whatcha want it for? Are you going to sketch the ducks?"
"No, I'm writing."
"Oh. Whatcha writing?"
"The letter 'A'." And so he did.
Who would have thought that was coming today? Certainly not I.
A smashingly successful Steps From Home.

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  1. I just read your original post on Steps From Home, as I guess I missed it. Sounds very fun! When I was in photo school we did something similar, only we had to drive so many blocks from the school and compose photographs on that location. It sure opens up your creative thought process when your trying to compose a piece of art with dumptrucks, weeds and a very uninteresting building:)

    I showed Damek this post and he wants to do our own 'Steps From Home' today, so I'll post what we discover! Thanks for motivating us!



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