Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trip to the Grocery Store

"Mom. I love you." thinks for a sec "Will I still love you when I'm older?"


"Hey, Mom. Are you starting to think about principals?"
"Prin-ci- bles. They're the guys who run schools. Sometimes they can be cruel and wrong."
"Well, I suppose that's true."
"Sometimes they can say 'Women! You can't live with 'em.' That's not true. We boys can live with women!"

General running and laying on the floor, playing Homeward Bound, etc etc, usual stuff going on in the store. Trev's leaping and running (not into anyone mind you, we try to reserve our exuberance for our lonely aisles).
A passerby (a nice older man) said "Go right ahead, Young Man'" waving Trev past him and his shopping partner safely. "He sure has a lot of energy!"
"Always!" said Trev's Mama.
"Sure wish I could have some of it!"
The man travels to the next aisle, and Trev said aghast "That man is not going to steal my energy!"

Sigh. "I wish I had a girl friend."
"Why do you want a girlfriend, honey?"
"Oh, well, you know. Someone to care for me, and dut-du-dut-du-da."
"Well, I care for you."
"You mean you wanna be my girlfriend?"
"Well, if you want me to."

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