Monday, June 04, 2007

Three Day Offment

Ponds-There were definitely ponds, though the lily pads are just spikes in the water - the leaves are not grown, yet. Soon!

This was Day Two. Daddy gets tomorrow to himself, he'll be going fishing.First was the brook trout.A few minutes later came the rainbow. Trev was watching (through the binoculars) the beaver swim across the lake, or trying to watch him, anyway. He didn't get a good look at him. Though I did a few minutes before, it was the first time I've seen one!We had a really great time.
We were near Trial Lake, I think ours was Crystal Lake. It's amazing how condensed the lakes and ponds are. So many of them!
The first half was pretty iffy, but after we settled into our exploratory groove, we did alright.
We saw hardly any wildlife - only a deer on the way up (I was the only one to see it) and the beaver, butterflies, and of course birds - though not even very many of those. Heard loads of frog songs, but saw nary a one.
Though did I find an interesting feather on the ground and bring it home that I'm not supposed to talk about.
Mostly we just played and ran and explored. Annabelle was in heaven. She braved the water today, something she had yet to do. The snow was a marvelous treat for her!, she had a great time practicing her snowdog skills.
Yesterday I mentioned the fossils with shells. I was confused about the timing. While Lake Bonneville was only a few years ago - about 34,000, the fossils I found a few years ago were actually from the preCambrian period, which was the earliest geological period. At first I said Bonneville was millions, but then I knew that couldn't be right, as North America was entirely different, as was the rest of the world, and looked it up, and Bonneville was very recent. Anyway - I eventually got it straightened out. Sorry to have misinformed for a minute. -By the way, the place we found the fossils before was an entirely different highway - about two hours south. So that was out for this trip! It's a good thing dh is really, really good at this sort of thing, for I am really, really bad!

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  1. How fun! Josh would love to fish with you guys. We may have to head up that way soon.


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