Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday in the Park

What a fabulous day! Er... although you'd never know it from these pictures...
I've decided to put them in anyway. I suppose it's what I get for never staging anything, and never saying "one, two, three. Cheese!" Ah well. If you want candid, you take a chance. Sometimes it just doesn't turn out what it looked like one second before!

But the day was so full of fun and special pleasures!
Picnic lunch (lemonade).
Chasing seagulls.
Cotton candyI suppose I'll call this picture "damn! my mama bought me cotton candy, and I hate cotton candy! Why, oh why me?!?"

Carousel,Of course Maddie was given the choice of her horsey, and she went around and down, straight to this one - as if they had known eachother all along. All pink and purple. Imagine that!

airplane, and ferris wheel rides. Maddie Loved the ferris wheel. As soon as it was finished, she demanded "Again!"

Snowcone (green apple)
Canoe ride around the pond (thanks so much, Honey, I've always wanted to do that!)The delight of a forbidden glass of cold beer while parked in a spot of shade while rowing around the island.
Mutant geese (that's my husband's unromantic description of cross-bred geese - meaning one that is unidentifiable by the bird man).
Baby goslings and ducks in all shapes and sizes.
Stroller four wheelin'I can hardly believe the cheap ol' thing didn't ashudder, smoke, and poop out on us.

Listening to the wild rumpumpum of the drums from the hippies.
Strolling, smiling, and laughing in the park.
Another snow cone (watermelon this time)

I choose not to tell you that there were a couple of accompanying meltdowns, too, like when the bridge to the island was closed, and about when we decided to make it an Extra Full day, and go to the pool, too - unfortunately, right at closing time.

Now we're home to play our pool (which has warmed up quite nicely in the last two days!), barbecue some sausage and veggies for dinner, and whatever else takes our fancy.

I think we're heading for the hills tomorrow; pine trees, willows, hiking, picnicking, and fishing.
We're tired and happy.

And I say to you, Dear Reader, that you sometimes only get wit OR excitement, and today it just ain't wit.
We'll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow...

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