Tuesday, June 12, 2007

summer lull?

I'm not sure how an unschooler would go about taking a vacation, but we seemed to have done just that.
I guess it could be that I haven't been paying very close attention the last two days. I have been rather preoccupied.
Sunday and Monday were full of the Star Wars plug-n-play, the new tramp, and rented videos. (we got The Mummy: Search for the Lost Scrolls, as per our venture into Egypt the other day.)

Anyway, like I said, either I'm not paying attention, or it's like summer break around here.
But I spose we all have those times, too, sometimes you want to veg for a while, or read, or rest, whatever.
So it's been quiet.
We'll see what today holds!

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  1. Must be going around:) Damek has just been wanting to veg on the computer the last few days, doesn't want to do anything I suggest, it's always "later". Except he comes alive at about 10:00 p.m. and wants to do all these things when Lee & I are ready for bed:)


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