Saturday, June 16, 2007

Steps from Home

I've been thinking on this idea for a few weeks - I'm announcing it now so that I don't forget again!

The idea is to name a number, say 102, and take 102 steps in any direction out of our front gate with my children.
At a certain number, we stop, and see what interesting thing we can find.
Might be a bird through binoculars, it might be a shining stone on the pavement, might be a beautiful flower, might only be a piece of glass, or garbage.
I'm thinking we'll take a picture of it, talk about it, and maybe make up fanciful stories about it.

In doing this I'm hoping that one, we'll find some sort of enchantment with living in our very ordinary city neighborhood, and two we'll stretch our imaginations with wondering "how did it get here?", and three - maybe, just maybe, my children will learn to see magic in every day things and circumstances.

What better way to teach them how to appreciate little things, or show them how we might find the magic in our lives?


  1. Wonderful idea! I'm going to use this too!

  2. We've actually done it a couple of times now, and we really love it.
    We're on our way out in a little while for another one, actually.
    Great fun.


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