Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rites of Passage and NC comes to Visit

Trev gets an idea in his head early this afternoon.
"Hey, guys (to his Mama and Daddy), I'm gonna go up to the top of the hill and scoot down."
Mama says "uh... Okay." (I'm out in the front if he should need me.)
Daddy says (he must have either missed the post about what a great Problem Solver Trev is upon Said Hill, or he has forgotten,) "Uh, I"m not comfortable with that," and follows Trev the 90 or so steps to the bottom of the hill.

All went well, Friends, and Eric was Properly Impressed with Trev's skills.

Trev got all the way down without a fall.

His first forage into the Big Wide World. Well, without his Mama, anyway.

Later he made the request again, this time with NC in tow."I'll take a couple of pictures!," said I.

NC had to wait at the bottom, because her Mama called out "You almost got hit in 2004!"But as they are extremely new to the neighborhood, and have not yet had time to make friends with Giant Hill, I have great expectations that it will only be a matter of a couple of weeks before Trevy and NC are King and Queen - Rulers Supreme - of The Mountain (it is enjoyed by a great many people, but we are among the very few who can claim it for our own, after all).

As far as I'm concerned - and regarding to "feels like nothin'" and "Lazy Summer Days"...Just goes to show that there is no such thing as "nothing". The old song goes "Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could."

I suspect that instead of "something comes from nothing", the truth lies somewhere closer to "you've not been noticing The Something."

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