Wednesday, June 06, 2007

noise noise noise

It started out innocuous enough.
'Don't think there is anyone who would object to the soft pitter-pat of the rain.
A rainy, dark, and quiet sort of day in our part of the world today.
We seem to be more than making up for it indoors, however.

"Hey, you wanna have a dance party?"
Me: "Sure!"
Trev showed me how to dance. He was pleased that I could do it just how he showed me. Complete with ooh-ooh sound effects.
Trev: "Hey, how about a dance party club?!?"
Me: "A club it is. Shall I bring some dress up clothes upstairs?"
Trev: "Hey, great idea, I'll bring the piano!"

And so we did. Pounding on the keyboard.
Songs and announcements shouted into the microphonecymbal crashing
and recorder playing (a rather peaceful noise, to be sure.)and lots of tasting the instruments.Remote control car escapades - complete with whirring and whooping and screeching and squealingAnd domino trails to build.
You would think this would be a quiet enough pastime, until you remember that dominoes rise and fall, and if one isn't quite finished building one's empire before the collapse, it can be a noisy sport indeed.After a very noisy bath Maddie said something about "paint", so I'm not sure if I'll be getting a quiet moment, or if it will start all over, as she's now clanging on the xylophone.
Aah... enters Trev to turn on the keyboard.....

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