Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 8

Technically it's June 9th, as it's a few minutes after midnight - well past my bedtime.
But I only just got in and am stealing a few minutes to write.

What a wonderful day we've had.

The biggest news - you may congratulate us, we are the proud owners of a fourteen foot spanking new trampoline! woohoo!
It's HUGE! :) I knew going in that I wanted 14 feet (I feel that it's safer), but whooof. Definitely over the pool! I'm thinking this idea may serve us very well, as won't the heat of the sun on the tramp heat the water underneath? Plus it will keep things from falling into the water.... hmmm.

They best part of my day is my children, of course. You know when you have those days that you're just so in love with them, you just want to eat them? And every few minutes?

I must have heard "Mommy, I love you." like a hundred times today. Okay, probably not that many. But it sure felt like it.

And when (at like 10:00 tonight I finally got the tramp all put together, Trev said "Thank you so much! I sure appreciate this (the birthday present - they're both later this month)."
"Oh, thanks, honey, (smooch hug smooch) I appreciate that you appreciate it."
"Well, I appreciate that you appreciate that I appreciate it."
I'm not kidding.
Bout made me cry.
Heard today (before the tramp for you skeptics) "I love you as much as the whole universe."
and "I love you much as space."

It was like that all day. We went to a late lunch, then to Costco, then to Shopko (tramp on sale for $149.99), then skedaddled home to put it together (didn't take so long once I busted out the drill), then off to the grocery store, then to take Grammy home, and now we're tucked in (sort of) and waiting for Daddy.

And even more great news - Trev got out his little book with the clock in it, and put the clock in the book to look exactly like the clock on the kitchen wall (3:12), and then sat down with it for a while to check it out further. I was so excited!
Not because he has anything to prove to me, you understand, just that he's so interested in so many things! It's so beautiful to watch. I just wanted to say "Take that! All you unschooling skeptics!"
He also had the great thrill of handling his first power tool today.

Oh - and one other thing, we are well on our way to a really great list of questions! But he asked some fabulous "yes" or "no's", too, that I think must be included. - Such as "Mommy, is it okay if I follow Grammy's trail?" and "Are squirrels afraid of mountain lions?"

A fabulous day, friends, if I weren't so very tired, I'd sit and do this post justice. But I"m afraid that tomorrow (while at work) I'll have lost some of the magic.

I'm just so happy and full of joy and love.

Off to snuggle with the babes and wait for Daddy.

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