Thursday, June 07, 2007

June 7

Just look at her. All bent on making mischief. Tongue hanging out of her mouth in concentration and anticipation of making an unsuspecting (closed eyes) brother sputter and spit.
She did, too.An attempt to learn Checkers.Badminton in the kitchen - very challenging in a small kitchen occupied by three participants and a horse insisting on being included in the play.Watching Milo and Otis. Complete with re-enactments, of course (tellie watching is never a passive activity around here - there is leaping, and whooping, and jumping and screeching).

More race car driving.
More domino tracks."Hey. What other games can we play with dominoes?"
"Well, we could build towers with them," I offer.
"Or we can knock them over!"
What we ended up doing was playing a math game - "How many dominoes are on this side?"
"Zero." Not even "none", or "nothing", but "zero"!
"How many are on this side?"
"One, two, three, four, five!"
"So how many all together?"
Note my immense excitement over this... he did not recount them, as he has always before done. He shouts quickly and with enthusiasm...
Oh, heart be still.
"Ri-hi-hight!" I beam with a laugh, "Nice!" I know I shouldn't. But I did. I just couldn't help it!
On to the other ones, one with two on either side.
"How many here?"
"Two." No need to even count them out loud.
"How many on this side?"
"Two!" recognizes that it's the same as the other.
"How many all together?"
"One, two, three, four!"
We did one more, and that was the end of it. How exciting! Who knew that was coming today?! Certainly not I, when I began this post at nine something this morning. (sometimes I just like to keep it open, so I can insert things as the day goes along. A running tab, don't you know.)
Well then. What's next?

More badminton, this time in the livingroom.
Maddie reads the dishwasher.
"Mommy," points to the buttons "Free (three), c, cwean kit-chen. Free, c, b, chicken. Free, chicken." She tells me while reading the words that she sees.

On that note (freeing chickens) I'm off to clean the kitchen so that we can make Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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